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Turn Your Dream Life

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On-demand courses and coaching for overachievers, procrastinators, self-saboteurs, and free-spirits who don't want a boring, average life. 
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You want to do things your own way, but you keep getting in your own way with endless distractions.

The result—you set goals but never see them through...

You know the drill: you love to set goals and have so many big, beautiful ideas that your head is spinning. But, when you sit down to make a plan, your goals start to feel like they’re crushing you, with so many moving parts. Maybe a snack would you have a bit of a headache. Let’s take a quick break and watch just 15 minutes of your new favorite series.

Whoops, just like that the day is over, and instead of hitting the pillow feeling satisfied, you ride a shame spiral into a crappy night’s sleep.

You’ll do better tomorrow.

Here's what won't help...
  • Buying another “perfect” journal to help you get organized before you can start working on your goal.

  • Finding a shiny new productivity app that promises to help you reach your goals then waste hours setting it up.

  • Thinking, “Wow that’s a big goal, what if I . . . I'll just think on it for a few days, and I’ll get started when I’m ready.” (spoiler alert: you’ll never feel ready)

You are not alone. It is possible to turn your dream life into real life...when you have a proven blueprint to follow and a guide to help you along the way

Speaking of distractions, any of these sound familiar?
  • I'll start in just a second, first I need to check my DMs and Instagram

  • C’mon, it’s impossible NOT to get sucked into Pinterest!

  • Hmmm. How did I just “window shop” on Etsy for three hours?

  • Hold on, Danielle, I just got a text, I’ll check it and be right back!

  • I’m going to organize the junk drawer first, it’s making me crazy. Then I’ll think clearly.

  • All of the above and a whole lot more . . . 

You have brilliant ideas and want to live a fun, successful life, but you end up getting overwhelmed and procrastinating. 

First off, it’s time you gave yourself some grace.

Procrastination doesn’t mean you’re lazy—it means that you aren’t clear on what you really want. 

Overwhelm doesn’t mean you can’t handle things—it means that you don’t know the next steps to take.


Procrastination and overwhelm aren’t character flaws! They are common success saboteurs that you can beat with an easy-to-follow blueprint that takes the guesswork out of accomplishing your goals.


You don’t have to wake up each morning to the flash of a never-ending to-do list, feel instant anxiety, hit the snooze button, and hide. There’s a better way to live.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to . . .

  • Wake up every morning knowing exactly what steps to take to reach your goals

  • Know you are actively creating an inspirational life that you love?

  • Have an expert coach to answer your questions and help you create a simple, easy-to-implement blueprint that sets you up for sustained success. 



Well, it’s all possible and available to you right now.

You can be THAT successful person who crushes their goals and has time to enjoy a glass of sauvignon blanc while watching the sunset...every night!


Yoga Man in Bridge Pose.png Triumph Over Distractions, an on-demand course hub with Executive and Team Performance Coach, Danielle Lavallee Wasson

Let’s be real—setting goals won’t build your success.

Accomplishing those goals will build your success.


You can absolutely create a fulfilling, fun, and successful life!


Don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise. 


You don’t need to walk over hot coals or learn to bend like a Gumby doll to change your life. 


You only need two things:

  1. The belief that you deserve a fabulous life. and

  2. A plan to create it


Let me show you how to tap into your inner strength and uplevel your life from right where you are today. I promise you are ready, now! 


With my simple, easy-to-implement blueprints for sustained success and key coaching tips, you can triumph over distractions that are holding you back. 

I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover what you want, make a plan to get it, and implement that plan. I believe that everyone deserves an easy-to-follow blueprint to create a life they love. 

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What's Inside

Triumph Over Distractions Hub


We start with an on-demand power workshop where I’ll teach you how to create your personal success blueprint in four weeks or less, so you can wake up every day knowing exactly what steps to take to achieve your goals, build unstoppable momentum, and still make time to enjoy the vibrant life you’ve created.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in the four-step blueprint:

1. Claim your power
  • The simple, key concept that will completely change your life path from frustrated and struggling to empowered and confident

  • Five things you must give up to ramp up your personal power

  • How to instantly upgrade your mindset by changing one four-letter word in your vocabulary ( doesn’t start with the letter F)

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2. Gain clarity
  • The top three reasons that most people feel overwhelmed, and the one question you need to ask yourself to get a grip

  • My signature system for managing your overflowing goal library and figuring out what you actually want


  • The ideal number of goals you should be reaching for at once to make sure you actually achieve them

3. Your plan
  • The four-step process that turns your goals into actions

  • How to keep your monkey brain from sabotaging your big goals

  • The secret video games use to keep players addicted, and how you can hack it to keep your momentum going

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4. Your way
  • Which productivity tools you need to feel organized instead of chaotic

  • A step-by-step guide to creating morning and evening routines that set you up for daily success

  • The five-minute nighttime ritual that can boost your confidence, improve your sleep, and help you to the finish line


This is just a taste of what you’ll learn in the Triumph Over Distractions hub. I’ll give you the information, guidance, and support you need to reach your goals faster than ever before, boost your productivity, gain work–life balance, and finally get rid of feeling overwhelmed. This will happen because you’ll know exactly what to do every morning when you wake up. You’ll sleep well at night knowing that you were highly productive during the day and are one step closer to reaching your goals and having the incredible life that you’ve always wanted.

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You Get All This & More

Get access to the on-demand course and coaching hub that has what you need to create your authentic success blueprint.

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On-demand Triumph Over Distractions Power Workshop
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Special Bonus 3-day reset workshop that declutters your mind so you can focus on moving forward
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Weekly coaching tips to help you triumph over distractions
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Monthly interviews with real people who have the same struggles as you do
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Monthly templates and tools you can implement quickly to get and stay organized
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Unlimited access to Open Coaching Office Hours

Warning! There will be no upsell, no buy now and get a free set of steak knives. This is the offer. Just like my content, I love to keep things simple!

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Lifetime access and two private coaching session  to fast track your results

If we haven't met on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Alignable...

Bonjour! I'm Danielle

...a French-Canadian girl addicted to watching sunsets over the Franklin Mountains while sipping sauvignon blanc, ex-complainer and procrastinator turned creator of a great life.

Full disclosure! I might appear to have it all together now . . . but, not long ago I was suffering from always “wanting more,” and I just couldn't get “it.”

Before I arrived here, I founded Blamesville, where one blames everything and everyone for their lack of results. As comfortable and safe as Blamesville appears, staying too long causes the loss of confidence, settling for average or mediocrity and it slowly but surely puts your dreams and goals in a deep fog, making it hard to see the path back to them.

I was really good at setting goals, but I failed to reach them. I would start, then get sidetracked with the next shiny object. Procrastination and embracing distractions as lifesavers were my go-to excuses. So I would just work harder, longer hours. I would buy another “perfect journal” or calendar. Once, I even decided to bullet journal and spent days trying to make it look perfect. I pushed myself to the limit, thinking I am woman, I can do more! I lost track of my dreams, my goals, and what I really wanted, and even became quite ill for almost a year.  


One day I decided I wanted more out of my life. I realized that no one was going to hand me the life I craved on a silver platter.

While cruising the internet, I found a Jack Canfield video where he asked a simple question, “What do you want?” Then he went on to explain that you can have what you want if you “take 100% responsibility.”

That was my big ah-ha moment. I realized that in my aversion to discipline, to wanting to do it my way, I was blaming everything and everyone for my lack of results. Blamesville was tightening its grip on me.

That was the day I resolved to create a life I love—I would become an inspirational leader and always take the time to watch and appreciate the sunset . . . and I do!

I left Blamesville and went on the road! I researched how to reach goals and how to live a full life. I completed my MBA, became certified as a Success Principles Coach, Life Coach, Time Prism Coach, and Color Code Trainer. 

I eventually developed a success blueprint that was easy to follow and implement. It works for me and it will work for you! I now know without a doubt that what I rejected most—discipline—is the very thing that affords me the time to get more out of life.

Now, I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover what you want, make a plan to get it, and implement that plan. I believe that everyone deserves an easy-to-follow blueprint to create a life they love.

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" Danielle’s program is empowering and energizing. It shifted my mindset to believe that it’s my choice whether or not to achieve my goals—and not outside circumstances. That sense of control and responsibility is a game-changer. I have a personalized blueprint that lets me know precisely my next steps, so I don’t fall off track not knowing what to do next. Now instead of stressing about my daily routine, I look at it strategically like a chess game—I love that! "

- Jaime Blair - Writing Coach for Entrepreneurs

So...are you ready to leave Blamesville and discover what is waiting for you out there?

You now have the power to answer that question with total confidence...because when you join the Triumph Over Distractions Hub and start putting the proven success blueprint with ongoing guidance and tips in practice, you will transform your real life into your dream life. 

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The Triumph over distractions productivity checklist will help you do three things:

  1. Stay focused on your goals

  2. Work efficiently

  3. Slay distractions that are sucking the life out of your day

Are you ready to supercharge your day?