Color Code Assessment

The Color Code Personality Assessment can help you increase your sales by helping you thoroughly understand who you are and how you best interact with others. This is the easiest and fun personality test available. It is incredibly accurate and comprehensive. It will shed light on your strengths and limitations as well as those around you.   

The Color Code identifies the "why" of your actions, it allows you to understand what makes you tick. Have you ever wondered "why did I do that?" or "How can I work with this person?" The Color Code can help you "get yourself". I can also help you garner a better understanding of your interactions with others.   Learning more about yourself can make you a better salesperson. Having greater and deeper insights into what motivates people can help you garner more sales and help you keep your customers for a long time. 

Consider your situation right now. Do you want to learn more about yourself, what motivates you or how you can improve a relationship with a loved one or a coworker? Can you gain a competitive advantage with the one thing that you have that no one else does, YOU, take this test! If will provide you with terrific insight. 

The Color Code Personality Assessment 


30 Seconds to Greatness
How to Increase Retail Sales

Why do some retailers succeed beyond belief and others struggle year after year? It's simple, it comes down to passion purpose driven actions that yield revenue. Learn how to efficiently increase retail sales quickly with easy to apply, down to earth tips. Increasing sales requires you to take proactive purpose driven actions on a regular basis. Often times the difference between a sale and no sale lies in seconds of procrastination, in seconds lost to texting or time wasters. Take a cold hard look at your sales, your staff, your products, your store and ask yourself this one question:

"Would I buy this from me, in this store, today?"

Ask yourself that question on a regular basis. Get your staff to ask that same question. If you are honest with yourself, the answer will provide you with valuable information you can use to change what is not working and perfect what is! My passion is to help you improve your performance and become the leader in your market. Are you ready to take action? What will you do in the next 30 seconds?

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