Danielle Lavallee Wasson


Business Coaching

Whether you are a small retailer or a department in a large corporation, business can, at times, become overwhelming and complicated. Ask yourself this: "What is the cost of staying status quo? If I do nothing different right now, where will I be in 30 days?" With guidance, Danielle can help you focus on your goals and vision and assist in developing your action plan so you hit your target!


Retail Consulting

With over 25 year of experience in training and coaching retailers worldwide, Danielle is well equipped to help you assess your product mix, provide sales training, help your team increase their closing ratio and take you to the next level.


Online Presence Management

Just how much time are you spending to make sure you can be found online? Do you have time to check for duplicate information, add your correct information to 50+ online sites and apps? Do you have the resources to improve your listings once they are claimed. To do so would take an enourmous amount of time. To not do it, means that you are not anywhere close to improving your online presence and getting more traffic to the store and to your website. We cater to brick and mortar as well as service companies, even if you work out of your home! Our team can do it for you! Spend your time where it is most valuable, taking care of your customers and leave the tedious online listing task to us! Where can we find you?


Better Tools, Better Results, Better You!


1-1 Coaching

Through Skype or Facetime, Danielle provides 1-1 coaching sessions to help you identify goals and aspirations that you are simply not able to achieve alone. Then we set forth a plan to set those goals and how to go about hitting them. These are not psychology sessions, they are direct, honest and to the point to help you through a rut or simply to get to the next level in your career. 

Small Group Online Training

Either in person or via a web tool, Danielle delivers one hour high impact, targeted training sessions on sales, time management, team work, effective communication and more!

Live Training

Half day or full day workshops to really dig into various subjects from personality assessments to sales training, time management, how to effectively work from a home office, how to manage remote staff and more.

ColorCode Assessment

The Color Code Personality Assessment can help you increase your sales by helping you thoroughly understand who you are and how you best interact with others. This is the easiest and fun personality test available. It is incredibly accurate and comprehensive. It will shed light on your strengths and limitations as well as those around you. A better understanding of how you and others make decisions can help you close sales faster and improve your relationships. 

The Color Code Personality Assessment 

30 Seconds to Greatness Training
How to Increase Retail Sales

This training focusses on stopping and taking note of what you are working on right now. In 30 seconds assess priorities and get refocused on what will make a difference, what action will take you one step closer to your goal. We all waste an incredible amount of time doing busy work but not productive work. This training session will get you and your staff on track quickly and effectively!

Living with Flair Training

Living with Flair is the perfect motivational 60-90-minute training session if you want to give your group a kind and passionate tool to live by. Flair stands for: Focus, Listen-Learn-Laugh, Accountability and Action, Influence and Reach for Your Dreams. It applies easily to everyday life, to work, to projects, to family and faith. A definite favorite!

Stop trying to go at it alone!

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